how to develop positive thinking - 6 tips

positive thinkingHow to develop positive thinking we often talk about it, some say it is a great stupidity and it doesn't work, other people say that positive thinking changes lives.

Regardless of whether you believe it or not, positive thinking in life helps enormously to face it in a better and more effective way, with the consequence of living better.

Why does positive thinking work?

The more positive you are, the more you are appreciated by other people. Have you ever wondered why positive people are surrounded by so many people and manage to engage with sympathy and simplicity?

Because with positive thoughts in the head everything is easier and the actions are more convinced, effective and efficient. Never noticed the action of when a person is undecided with respect to a decision on what to do? Speed, strength -> result 😊

When life goes wrong and I ask your friends for advice, most of them tell you: 

"it will pass, think positively, after the storm the calm returns, a door closes and a door opens" etc ...

Fine words, certainly truthful, but there is something missing, HOW can I succeed in thinking positively, etc?

Today I give you 6 suggestions about How to develop positive thinking in your life every day

1. Be aware that everything is perfectly embedded in your life, even if on the surface it may seem the opposite.

This step is very difficult to digest.

As soon as something bad happens to you the first thoughts are " what does the world want from me capers ?", " Why all of me ?", " What did I do wrong to deserve this ?" Etc ... how do you conceive that everything is stuck? perfectly and always happens for a reason?

I understand you very well, even though I think about it at the moment, awareness comes later, you don't need to demand it right away, after a few days, weeks, months you look back and notice all the positive brought that event into your life.

Example. You tried with a girl who was the girl of your life for you and she refuses you ... initially, you get very angry, after 2 months you meet an even better girl and you find yourself.

If the first one hadn't refused you, you probably would have let the REAL girl of your dreams, the right one for you, escape you.

2. Choose to Live in the Here and Now

And here many sins in fact ... I would say very many.

It makes no sense to think about planning an event and thinking about how bad it went 10 years ago ... or what might happen if it goes bad in 10 years.

Making these comparisons makes sense to avoid going blind, but after doing that take them off your mind, think about what you're doing right now.

There is a subtle difference between self-motivating thinking about the future goal, compared to always thinking about that event (future). And in the meantime anxiety rises ...

In conclusion, think about what happened long ago, what could happen in the future but after doing it, you are aware of the fact that based on how you behave TODAY you can change your life (if you think and you do nothing NOW does not change anything )

3. Declares to Have Courage

This is a simple statement that you do to yourself to face life to the fullest ... and all that is presented to you.

Whenever you are down or the world seems to make you fall on you like this:

Relate the event that happened with "death".

Anything that just happened is a small thing compared to death, how do you feel reasoning in this world?

Start seeing everything from a different perspective. From now on, act and react with this perspective to all the events ...

In this life, you have so much to gain and little to lose, put them well in your head!

4. Understand that worrying and living in fear is a huge waste of time

What is the purpose, objectively speaking, of living in fear and worry that at any moment something bad happens?

If instead, you would live with the view that a magnificent event will soon take place?

Things are a little different eh ... 😊

Worrying means "dealing with the situation ahead of time", it makes no sense, lives the present now!

When the time comes, think about it!

Worrying takes away an enormous amount of energy that you could pursue to enhance other areas of your life, think again.

5. Learn to be satisfied with what you have and what you are

And here precise. It does not mean feeling good and avoiding growing and improving while remaining firm (also because it is impossible 😊).

It means establishing future self-motivating goals for "feeling on the road", observing the past to understand the mistakes made and learning from them and, as a result of all this, FEELING WELL LIKE YOU ARE NOW, WHAT YOU HAVE NOW, full stop.

Answer me, how do I feel now?

the answer must be full of joy, if it is not, you must change your perception of yourself and of what you have now.


I connect to the speeches discussed above.

What is the purpose of fixing a goal?

To feel on the road, under construction, you know where you are going, you don't wander into oblivion, I can assure you that it is very ugly not to know where to go, to always wander around while observing all around who change and "stay still" (better, you move a little bit and not where you want but where others want).

So set the goal in terms of positivity, precision, measurability and start pursuing it in small stages right away.
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