Everything about positive thinking

positive thinking

Everything about positive thinking: 

Everyone has it, but not everyone knows how to use it. Think positive. This allows a large number of unpleasant situations to be prevented. Learn to turn the negative energy into creativity, self-confidence, and purpose.

Know yourself

The most important thing you need to know is how you are and how you live your life. Which goals you want to achieve, where your plus and minus points lie and what makes you feel comfortable. Acceptance of personal responsibility is the start of change. You have to accept that only you can change yourself, then this change is certainly possible. It will take time, perseverance, determination and practice, but the result will certainly be.


Stress is a well-known phenomenon today, almost everyone has to deal with it. The family, the job and all other tensions cause this stress. Powerlessness is a big word in this. People feel they have little influence on many areas such as work, school, environment, and technology. We want to be able to influence everything. This works through democracy, intelligence, and integrity, but it is a long process that does not always reap the benefits. It is more effective to change the way you yourself respond to changes and stress The magic words are relaxation, good food, regular exercise and a good nights rest. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking enough rest are easier to put into practice than actual relaxation.

Learn to relax

It is a skill to really be able to relax, which means that it requires practice. What gives relaxation is different for each individual. The purpose of relaxation is that you relax in your head and forget about daily worries. Make sure that during the activity you are so focused or so busy with this, that no thoughts come to play on it. You force yourself to distance yourself from daily life, problems and other distractions. There are also other ways to relax. Meditation is one of them. There are several meditation techniques. You can find these in books, but of course, you can also register for a course.

To dream

Dreams can contain useful clues about the subconscious conditionings that are gained in the course of life. Knowledge of the symbolism of dreams can help you deal better with the fear that nasty dreams evoke. This dream symbolism can help you unravel dreams. It is therefore also useful to keep a dream diary. At some point, you could even control your dreams. Meditation, visualization, and affirmation are also useful tools here. Many books can also be found on these subjects.


If you follow this step-by-step plan you will experience positive effects of positive thinking. The performance will go up and you will be a lot more positive in life.

1. Get rid of the negative feelings

The most important thing about the first step is setting achievable goals. Formulate these goals with positive words. So you become late like not, none, never, etc. gone. Replace a negative self-image and low expectations with a positive view of yourself and high expectations. Remember the well-known quote: "Every day and in every respect, I am getting better and better". This is a nice statement to start with, but make sure there are no doubts in these sentences.

2. Set achievable goals

Set goals that are achievable for yourself. You have to be convinced that you will succeed. Set goals that are easily achievable, but also for which you have to put effort. The goals of the latter kind will give you the most satisfaction. Do not set the bar too high, too many disappointments have the opposite effect of what you want to achieve.

3. Combine the techniques

Combine the three techniques mentioned above to find out what you most want to change about yourself. Choose a goal in the shorter term and start immediately. Don't think too hard, start with simple things like I'm successful or something like that. Believe in this, say it in your head, say it out loud. Most important of all, believe in it and start immediately! These positive sentences are called affirmations.
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