How can I think positively? 10 tips

how can i think positively

You can think positively by following the 10 tips:

1. Think positively by increasing the energy providers and avoid the energy users

You can feel what each activity does to you from every activity: it is an energy provider or an energy hunter. You can also experience level differences. This experience of energy varies per person and per situation. In this way, the routine can give hold and be experienced as a rut by the other. For most people, it is energy consuming to be with someone he does not like. This also applies to obligations. As soon as you become aware of the feeling that you have with an event, you have a choice to turn this around positively. Happiness is therefore only a choice if you live consciously. If you are too busy or worried, you cannot feel and you will continue to do things that are not good for you too long. Your energy level then becomes unnoticed too low. This can lead to diseases.

2. Think positively by thinking flexibly

If it doesn't go the way you want, you have to adjust your expectations or goals. Don't get stuck in feelings of frustration and disappointment. Learn to think flexibly and realistic. Life is like a story of which you are the author. Rewrite your story if it turns out that the reality doesn't match. Try to place a failure in a perspective so that you experience it as a learning point. Every setback can give you something positive if you are open to it.

3. Think positively by get up relaxed

There are many people who wake up with stressful thoughts about what to do that day. The body responds to this and you jump out of bed, take a quick shower, take no time for breakfast and fly out the door to get to work. Determine yourself to start your day relaxed with the thought 'Today I give myself space and I do everything with attention and love'.

4. Think positively by creating space in your head

Replace the phrases “I need to” or “I cannot” with “I choose to ...” or “I give myself area ...”. Become aware of negative beliefs such as 'I have to perform to…' or 'the work must be ready before ...' or 'I have to do everything on my own otherwise it will go wrong' Investigate whether you can deal with it differently. Do this out of love for yourself. Releasing the daily bustle happens mainly in your head. Allow yourself to relax regularly during work. Say to yourself: "Well, and now I'm just not going to do anything." Working and relaxing complement each other and keep you in balance. This way, your work remains fun and you feel good about yourself. You cannot always perform on top of you.

5. Think positively by learning to say no

Do not promise things that you cannot deliver. Ring the bell if you cannot keep an appointment. Say no if something doesn't work out and come up with an alternative. Give yourself space and monitor your limits.

6. Think positively by stripe away

Ask yourself: 'what am I worried about now?' Record your answers. Cross out what is not real. Cross out for which you are not responsible. Cross out where you have no influence. Ask your intuition how you can best deal with what is still there. Or ask yourself: “why am I doing this now?” Always put the emphasis on this question on a different word so that the question always gets a different emphasis. Investigate how you can give yourself more space and tranquility.

7. Think positively by air your heart

Share your concerns with others. Airing your heart is good for body and soul. It increases your sense of relaxation.

8. Think positively by using a mantra

Choose a mantra that will calm you down. That can be a word like 'relax', 'peace' or 'loose'. Or a sentence like 'I can now relax', 'everything is fine' or 'I am calm'. Repeat this mantra in yourself when you feel tense. Put something in your pocket that reminds you to pronounce this mantra. That way you exert influence on your unconscious. The more you do this, the more effect it will have on your brain. This relaxation exercise is very simple and particularly effective.

9. Think positively by seizing the day

Seize the day. Enjoy the small things. Treat yourself. Surprise yourself. Do something crazy and smile. Life is a party. You just have to hang the balloons yourself and they hang them regularly otherwise you will no longer see that the party is. Don't wait until you are old; you live now! Allow yourself the very best. Do something for yourself every day.

10. Think positively by being positive to others

Talk positively about others. Thank someone in your area. Hand out a sincere compliment. Do something good for another. Surprise someone with a small gift. The positive energy associated with this shifts your attention from stress to gratitude.
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