How stop negative thoughts - 10 tips

how stop negative thoughts

Stop negative thoughts:-

Negative thinking is easy. If something bad happens, we think negatively very quickly. It has become a standard. And that is not surprising (think of a large amount of negative news in newsletters and newspapers).

In addition, many things can go wrong in life, and thinking about this beforehand sometimes gives a sense of control. It is easy to react negatively because you are used to it.

Negative thinking is like eating unhealthily. It's easy, it's satisfying and it doesn't feed you. This gives you a good feeling in the short term and a bad feeling in the long term.

Just like unhealthy food, it is customary to let negative thoughts prevail. The hard thing is that our thoughts are much harder to change than our eating habits (and if you can't change your eating habits, that's also your thoughts).

From negative thinking to positive thinking

Positive thinking has no positive image. The American "lucky industry" has made it into a big phenomenon. Anyone who thinks positively would become happy and successful. But that is not how it works.

The power of positive thinking is a tool for achieving results. Nothing more and nothing less. We think that directing our thoughts means we lose sight of reality. Negative thinkers think that positive thinkers no longer have a sense of reality.

They let themselves be guided by negative thoughts and then call themselves 'realist'. What is the truth?

Why do I always think negatively?

The reality does not exist. Each person has created his own reality through the events that have arisen from the past. This reality is also called our conditioning.

Every person has a different view of life. And that starts with the meaning you give to one word. The examples below come from the training I gave on this subject.

I asked the participants about the meaning of the words in the left column. What does the word vacation mean to you? And luck and success?

Do you see that the reality of these two participants is completely different? Good and bad are relative. And the same applies to positive or negative thinking. It is a choice.

Positive thinking makes you happier, more successful, happier and more social. It helps you to glide through life more easily and enjoy it more. It is not the solution to all your problems. It is a powerful tool for a more conscious life.

Positive thinking starts with awareness. You can work on your own success and happiness. It starts with you.

Turn negative thoughts into positive: 10 tips

Do you want to turn negative thoughts into positive? The following 10 tips will help you on your way:

  1. Make it a habit to start every day with a positive thought. That way I always start my day with meditation and what I will do today to get closer to my goals and dreams. 
  2.  Pay attention to the meaning you give to your words and sentences. Change the meaning of words that you now experience as negative. These are often words that give you fear (for example perfectionism or high sensitivity) while they also have great power. View the positive side of these words.
  3. Stop talking negatively about other people. Certainly, if they are not present.
  4. Look for a fixed moment when you want to experience positive thoughts from now on.  For example, before you go to bed, during your morning ritual, while you shower or when you take a walk. Turn these short moments into a rewarding moment.
  5. You can break through negative thoughts by focusing on your breathing. Continue to breathe consciously until your head and body become silent. Keep watching your breathing. Do a relaxed breathing exercise.
  6. Look for the positive sides of events that you normally experience as negative. Create your own reality and look for positive things.
  7. Realize that your thoughts determine your feeling. Don't you feel happy? Change your mind with these tips.
  8. Errors do not exist. You do nothing wrong. Errors are learning moments. You are learning, you are growing! Everyone moans sometimes. It is important to realize at these moments that these moments pass again
  9. Try to reverse other people's negative thoughts by lovingly showing them that life is also pretty fun. That there are also positive sides to every event.
  10. Do a gratitude exercise every day before you go to bed. List three things that you are grateful for. This not only helps to sleep with a positive feeling. It also helps for the next day. The last thought you go to sleep with is the first thought that gets you up.


Negative thoughts are not bad. They are what they are, and they don't help you to be happy. You have fears like everyone else. It is about how you deal with those fears.
By approaching your negative thoughts positively you can change your thought pattern. And so you can live with more confidence, satisfaction, and happiness. So it's time to make something beautiful out of it.
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