how to overcome negative thoughts - 13 tips

how to overcome negative thoughts

No, you are not the only one who is regularly dragged into a negative spiral of thought. Negativity is addictive, which is why so many people get stuck in it. How can you separate yourself from that negativity? Do you want to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones? The following tips will help you on your way:

  • Use positivity as the standard response from now on. Decide to think positive thoughts in the basics.

  • Let a bell ring once you have landed in a negative spiral. Remind yourself that this is not what you want, and stop it. Focus your attention on something else.

  • Stop negative thoughts with someone you see regularly. Like a colleague, your partner or a roommate. That way you can 'catch' each other for negativity.

  • Relative. Keep life light. It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself and to appoint yourself. Do not worry. Smile and move on.

  • Look for a fixed moment when you want to experience positive thoughts from now on. For example, before you go to bed, while you shower, while walking the dog or your daily walk to the station. Make these short moments when you feel grateful and satisfied.

  • You can break a negative spiral by focusing on your breathing. Continue to breathe consciously until your head becomes silent. Are you straying? When you realize this, bring your attention back to your breathing.

  • Look for the positive sides of events that you normally experience as negative.

  • Release the 'good' and 'bad' concepts. Good and bad do not exist. There is only 'desirable' and 'undesirable', or 'what serves us' and 'what doesn't serve us'. And these values ​​are different for every person. Black / white (good/bad) thinking does not serve you as far as I'm concerned. Everything has two sides, sometimes an event has twenty sides. Who determines what is good and what is bad?

  • Learn to see the beauty in things that you normally experience as annoying, boring, ugly or unpleasant. Assume that everything has beauty in it, and look for it. Once you find this beauty you have no reason to be negative.

  • Realize that feeling does not happen to you. Sometimes, but most of the time not. It is formed by your thoughts. Don't you feel happy? Then change your mind.

  • Do not punish yourself if you experience negative thoughts. You are not doing it wrong. You are learning, you are growing! It is great that you notice your own thoughts, that is an essential step. I also sometimes look back on an evening on which I had a good time sunning. Then I don't feel good, but I know that I am still learning. I know that there will come a time when I will no longer be dragged into negative conversations. There will come a time when I simply don't nag anymore. Now I do, and I don't mind. It's being worked on, that's what I find most important.

  • Try to reverse other people's negative thoughts by lovingly showing them that life is also pretty fun. That there are also positive sides to every event.

  • Realize that you can have problems and still be positive. That you can die and still be positive. As soon as you truly realize that negative thinking does not serve you, you have no reason to participate. Regardless of the situation.

Negative thoughts are not bad. They are what they are, and they don't help you to be happy. By approaching your negative thoughts in a positive way you can change your pattern of thoughts. By thinking differently you will start to live differently. With more confidence, peace, positivity, and love.
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