How to deal with people who consume your energy - 10 tips

how to deal with people who consume your energy
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How to deal with people who consume your energy - 

Some people make you happy, positive and strong. Then you bounce through the room of inspiration, or you feel warm and loving inside. And for some people, the opposite happens. They consume your energy. And after you have spent time with such a person, you prefer to sleep.

Energy hunters are exhausting. But what do you do about it? How can you recognize people who consume your energy, and how do you prevent them to eat your energy.

That's how you recognize energy hunters

In the first place, you can recognize people who consume your energy by paying attention to how you feel while dealing with them. Do you feel happy, relaxed and at ease? Or do you feel how you are slowly being emptied?

By observing your feelings you can quickly notice someone who eats your energy. But you can look further.

People who consume your energy often share a few characteristics that make it easy to recognize them. Below you will find a number of common characteristics of people who consume your energy. Someone who sucks your energy:

  • Constantly talks about himself and shows little interest.
  • Talks a lot. More than necessary.
  • Does not listen but waits for a turn to talk. Completes your sentences, completes, interrupts and turns the conversation back to itself.
  • Is intrusive and has little respect for your limits.
  • Is overly dramatic and turns mosquitoes into elephants.
  • Has a turbulent life when it comes to friendships and relationships. No one is good enough and people are constantly being pushed aside.
  • Is deeply afraid and deeply uncertain, which makes it difficult to deal with him if you do not share those fears and uncertainties.
  • Turns every conversation about you at lightning speed so that it goes over him again.
  • Criticizes everything and everyone in his life.
  • Always complains and rarely finds things that he is happy with.
  • Is ready to discuss but always wants to be right, even about the most futile things.
  • Finds himself better than others and brings others down to feel better.
  • Does everything to draw attention to itself. Including lying, twisting and exaggerating.
  • Loves gossip and does it often.
  • Always wants to have his way.
  • Is not happy for you so quickly if you want to do something new or have achieved something.
  • Often behaves jealous and envious.
  • Considers the glass constantly as half empty and has a negative attitude.
  • Constantly talks about medical/physical complaints and derives his identity from disorders.
  • Refuse to take his own responsibility and are deeply in the victim role.

You probably know people who have these qualities. What can you do to protect yourself against the negative impact that this behavior has on your energy?

Tips to prevent people from eating your energy

What can you do to protect yourself from people sucking your energy? Here you will find a number of suggestions.
  1. Realize that people influence each other. That energy piston can pull your feeling down, but you can also improve its feeling. By being aware of the pitfalls you can stay close to yourself and infect the other with your positivity, instead of the other way around.
  2. So don't be tempted to participate in the negativity. At first, it seems nice to complain or gossip. But soon you come to the conclusion that this is not good for you.
  3. Do your best not to judge and to show that you accept the otherAcceptance removes uncertainty so that the other person has less sense of having to prove himself.
  4. Ask specific questions that challenge the other person to look outside the victim role. Such as? "Okay, so what are you going to do about it" or "What is a small step you could take to make less of a problem" Keep asking without judgment to challenge others to think for themselves.
  5. Realize that there are other factors behind this behavior. People who suck energy are often intensely insecure and find life difficult and difficult. They use techniques to reduce their uncertainty that only works in the short term.
  6. But realize that you cannot force someone to change. You can only accept and inspire.
  7. Limit the time you spend with energy consumers. Make sure you have a reason to continue. Especially if she visits that person with you and tends to stick endlessly and ignore all your hints. This way you keep the relationship workable for both.
  8. Set the intention in advance that you will remain cheerful, positive and balanced. This will help you not to fall into negativity.
  9. Be clear in setting your limits. Don't let someone walk over you simply because their personality is overwhelmingly negative.
  10. Schedule a little 'recovery room' after you spend time with an energy cleaner. Taking a few minutes to help restore your energy.

Stay with yourself, do not participate in negative games and refuse to acknowledge the victim role time and again when it has been created. Hold on to your own positive energy, who knows you can infect the energy piston with it.

And if not, then you can at least be glad that the other has not absorbed your energy.

This way, you build up much more energy

With more energy, you can make your life more enjoyable. Discover how you build up more and more energy in small steps. So that you get out of bed fresh every day and can achieve much more.

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