10 Positive Thinking Phrases to Change Your Life

10 positive thinking phrases to change your life

Positive thinking can change your life for the better read these sentences about positivity and the courage to face problems with hope instead of avoiding them, drawn from books by famous Italian and foreign authors.

Do you believe in positive thinking? It is not simply a way of saying, it also has to do with the famous law of attraction and it is the belief that the power of thoughts, an optimistic phrase, a different look at things can help you deal with problems that may seem unsolvable to you at first sight. Changing thinking is important and there are several authors who have made a living out of the spread of positivity. We have selected ten pearls of positive thinking phrases that contain precepts and teachings to follow and put into practice to face and overcome the most difficult situations. Check out these ten positive thoughts from famous authors and start feeling the positive vibes!

  • Positive thinking, Louise HayPositive thinking and motivation travel hand in hand in the works and writings of Louise Hay, which contain many invitations like this: "Let go of the past. You did your best at that time, with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge you had. Now you're developing and converting, and you will live life differently ".

  • Positive thinking, Albert EinsteinReal posters of positive thinking, Einstein's aphorisms are quite famous but never tire. Here's one: "It's not like I'm smarter, it's just that I deal with problems longer".

  • The positive thinking of Giuliana ProiettiWith Giuliana Proietti, positive thinking and psychology meet to perfection. Professional psychotherapist, author of several books on the subject, Proietti has her own recipe for happiness: "The truth is that if we want to be happy, we can be happy immediately because happiness is not in the future, but in the present moment: it does not count how much we have, but how much we succeed in enjoying what we possess".

  • Positive thinking, Anthony de MelloPositive thinking attracts positive feelings for Anthony de Mello, according to which the way of perceiving and facing things is crucial to see them from any other factor of view: "If we need to be happy, we may be glad now, because the key to happiness is hidden inside us. It does not depend on the events that occur to us but on the way in which we perceive them and face them".

  • Positive thinking, Carmen Meo FiorotAnother example of positive daily thinking? This significant reflection by Carmen Meo Fiorot: "It would be better if we try to see the positive, and only the positive, little or so much, and to program ourselves, from now on, our life, in order to achieve happiness, the psychophysical fullness, the success, the total well-being, and that we repeat everyday sentence of this type: from this moment, it is I who take life in my hands. I am the author of my life".

  • Bruce Lee's Positive ThinkingPhysical strength and martial arts skills alone would not have allowed Bruce Lee to become a true legend on his own. The Chinese wrestler had his secret to success, which he revealed in one of his books: "I will tell you my secret to free the mind from negative thoughts. When this sort of concept enters my mind, I visualize it as though it had been written on a piece of paper. Then I mentally fire him and visualize him as he burns to become ash. Negative thinking is destroyed, and it will no longer enter".

  • Positive thinking, Dalai LamaThe positive Buddhist thought found in the Dalai Lama one of his most powerful megaphones: "Let go of people who share only complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear, and judgment on others. If someone looks for a trashcan to throw away from his garbage, he makes it not your mind".

  • Positive thinking, Michel HardyAustrian professor Michel Hardy has devised several exercises to think positively. Here is one: "Put yourself up everyday morning and evening in front of the mirror to encourage your own reflection to improve".

  • Positive thinking, Napoleon HillOptimism, positive thinking, self-esteem are synonymous for Napoleon Hill, who sees the positiveness in positivity sprouting: "Always cultivate positive thoughts, enthusiasm cannot flourish in a ground full of fear".

  • Positive thinking, MorelliDoes positive thinking really help? According to the psychologist Raffaele Morelli, not so much. Here is a famous reflection on the subject: "What would you say if an oak tree came into your head every day that you wanted to make ivy: it would be a bad oak and it would never be an ivy anyway".
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