Positive thoughts on life: ten motivational phrases

positive thoughts on life: ten motivational phrases

Positive thoughts on life

Positive thoughts on life help optimism and healthy action, read the most beautiful motivational phrases and aphorisms to experience serene moments without anxiety.

These are the springs that drive us to healthy action, true corroborating for optimism and trust. Positive thoughts are essential. Without, probably, we would let ourselves be overcome by despair and worries. Being positive, in some cases, is the secret to overcome the challenges that daily see us as protagonists, which sweep away the toxic convictions that condition our darkest days. For you, we have selected ten positive sentences to read and share with your loved ones. Genuine positive pills, to be taken in small doses but regularly.

1) Think Positive

Think Positive - A sort of unwritten manifesto, a speech of the mountain, an undisputed leader among the phrases about positive thinking is a famous reflection by Mahatma Gandhi: " Keep your positive thoughts because your thoughts become words. Maintain your words effective due to the fact your words end up your behaviors. Keep your positive behaviors, because your behaviors become your habits. keep your positive habits because your behavior turns out to be your values. Keep your positive values, because your values become your destiny".

2) Positive thoughts, sentences

Positive thoughts, sentences - Sometimes it is enough to simply look at things from a different perspective to change their meaning. And if it is true for every aspect of our life, Winston Churchill has taught us how to apply this assumption in the most particular situations: "The optimist sees opportunities in every danger, the pessimist sees the danger in every opportunity".

3) Positive thoughts to live better

Positive thoughts to live better - For the Indian master Osho, the serene thoughts are those that make things go in a certain direction: "If you think you are going to get sick, you will get sick. If you think someone is going to be rude to you "Imagination will create the situation. So if a negative idea comes, change it immediately into a positive thought. Tell her not. Leave it immediately and throw it away. Within a week you will start feeling that you are getting very happy for no reason in the world".

4) Positive thoughts on love

Positive thoughts on love - Can we be positive and confident about love? Yes according to Hermann Hesse, who attributed a feeling of vitality to the feeling and to the loving passion: "Love is every movement of our soul in which it feels itself and perceives its own life".

5) Positive thoughts against anxiety

Positive thoughts against anxiety - Is it possible to defeat anxieties and fears? And how? Here is John Lubbock's recipe: "A day of concern is more tiring than a day's work".

6) Positive thoughts and self-esteem

Positive thoughts and self-esteem - Positive thoughts and the consideration one has of oneself go hand in hand. They are closely connected. And he's right to sell Steve Jobs, who delivered one of the most famous motivational phrases of all time: "The world around you was built by people who were not smarter than you".

7) Positive thoughts before sleeping

Positive thoughts before sleeping - When you are about to sleep it is essential to set aside all negative thoughts to sleep better and recharge seriously. Such as? Here is the advice of Erri De Luca: "Special is just living, looking at the palm of your hand in the evening and knowing that tomorrow will come back fresh again, that the night tailor sews leather, patches corns, tears rents and deflates fatigue".

8) Thoughts that color life

Thoughts that color life - Among the phrases for positive thinking there is also this reflection by Karl Popper: "Our dreams and desires change the world".

9) Positive thinking of the day

Positive thinking of the day - Want a pearl of Tibetan wisdom? Here is an invitation from the Dalai Lama: "Negative thoughts and actions produce negative results and conditions, as well as positive thoughts and actions, produce positive results and conditions".

10) Positive thinking

Positive thinking - Even the great Bruce Lee relied on the wisdom of positive thinking to build his fortune in the world of martial arts and entertainment: "The spiritual power of man's will is able to overcome all obstacles".
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