7 mistakes to be avoided if you want to stay positive

7 mistakes to be avoided if you want to stay positive

Positive thinking is a great life aid that can push us on the way to life for the desired goals. However, we often admit negative thoughts and pay attention to the failures of the past, preventing the development of our full potential.

So what are the top 7 mistakes to be avoided if we want to stay positive

1) Negative thinking

Negative thinking is often taken over and learned. Sometimes negative thinking is directly related to our personal and sometimes to the development of situations. We often don't believe, we doubt too much, we compare ...

Positive thinking is no magic and can be practiced. Learn to talk more positively. The brain does not understand negation. If you say: I no longer want stress, the brain will only hold the word stress. Rather, it is better to say: I will be calmer. Generally, pay attention to what you say to yourself and others and avoid negative formulations as far as possible.

2) Missing goal

We should be clear about what we want, what we want to achieve, our goal. Our mind needs to clamp on something, if we don't have a clear goal, we usually grope. If we do not know where we are going, then we cannot even be sure which of our steps were right and which were not.

If you have a goal, then you have what to do. With a clear idea of ​​the goal, you will also be much better off managing to reflect any incoming negative thoughts.

Every morning, try to set a positive goal for this coming day.

3) We do not focus on the essentials

If you already have a goal, think about how much time you spend to reach it. What do you really do for its fulfillment? Identify key activities that are important to achieving what you really want. Think about how many activities that do not support your goal are doing.

Doing the right things to the full brings results. The results that lead to your goals also support your positive feelings.

4) We deal with what others think or do

It is a natural human tendency to repeat what others do. However, subjection to general beliefs very often leads to depression, frustration, and discontent. We have been guided to fulfill some expectations, norms, comparisons, guided not to go from childhood… Assertiveness and free thoughts are a way of defining general manipulations and widespread beliefs.

5) We cannot "sell"

Once again, assertive approaches will help us to identify, formulate and implement our wishes and needs. At the same time, assertiveness helps to reject excessive demands placed on us without feelings of guilt or remorse.

6) Excessive dealing with the past

The present moment is the most important one. The future is reflected from the moment here and now and the past cannot be changed. We can only learn from the past and try to correct the wrong steps with our present behavior.

7) Trying to influence things beyond our control

Sometimes we realize that some things are out of our control or can only be influenced to some extent. All we can really influence is our attitude, thinking and our behavior.
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