The Effects Of Positive Thinking

the effects of positive thinking

We have already seen that positive thinking is conducive to our physical health. The next aspect that is touched upon is the effect of positive thinking on our state of mind and circumstances.

One day, a professor named Dan Ariely did an interesting experiment. He gave people 2 series of electric shocks but gave them pain pills before the second series of shocks that would help them endure the pain. For one group he said the pills cost 75 cents each. For the other group, it costs R20 per pill.

Almost all people who believed the pills cost R20 each, reported relief during the second series of shocks. In the group of people who believed the pills were cheaper, only half reported relief from the shocks.

The experiment proves that people think more expensive products work better than cheaper products.

In fact, the pills were not painkillers at all, but nothing but a vitamin C supplement!

I think this experiment also says a lot about the power of suggestion about the so-called best brands - something that makes people spend a lot of money on more expensive products because it would be more effective than the cheaper products. There are many instances in which I believe that is so, but also many that are in one's imagination.

Positive thinking unlocks the power of potential

People who think positively see the potential in the most daunting situation, people who do not think positively are quick to point out the problems and limitations.

A good example is Joshua and Caleb's reaction to their spy train in Canaan. While 10 spies come to report on the giants and how difficult it will be to defeat them, Joshua and Caleb had the view that these people were great, it would be impossible to miss the targets!

To be positive does not mean that we do not deny the reality of problems, it means we recognize that God is greater than our problems.

Positive thinking brings positive reactions

Much depends on how we put a request or question to a person. If we say a guest: It's going to be cold tonight, but there are plenty of blankets on the bed, should we still get you out? The answer would probably be "no". However, should we say that it is very cold and that we think it is safer to get more blankets out, the chances are that the person will agree.

People doing marketing have perfected the art of making the need so positive that the client cannot agree to have the particular need.

So the statement also tells us a lot about the right approach when we want to convince people, or if we want to make requests - what the approach will be most successful?

Positive thinking helps to maintain perspective

Thinking positively prevents us from making hillsides. People who think negatively, blow up the unpleasant or unwanted aspects of a situation and see nothing good about the situation.

Positive thinking contributes to the enjoyment of life

It points to the opposite of Murphy's law that says: If something goes wrong, it will. God's laws are not in line with Murphy's law. It is much more positive to believe:

If something goes right, it will; nothing is as difficult as it seems; if anything good can happen to someone, it will happen to me.

The benefits of such a kind of thinking speak for itself! However, this is something that one must consciously learn to practice!

Some tips to help you think more positively:

  • Look at the whole picture

When we focus negatively on a situation that we miss the good aspects, the positive is filtered out and the negatives increased. So try to focus on both positive and negative aspects and keep the balance.

  • Don't take it personally

Beware of believing that anything that goes wrong throws a reflection on you as an individual, eg. it is your fault that your sports the team loses; or that someone has apologized for not attending the party. Everything in life does not revolve around you and all events that go wrong are not your fault. This is often the result of a complex coherence of circumstances that you must try to understand.

  • Expect the best

Two shoe manufacturers send researchers to a remote area to investigate the shoe market. One says No market here - no one is wearing shoes. The other one informs - the market has unlimited potential - nobody has shoes yet!

  • Assume there will be gray areas.

To remain optimistic, you must assume that you or the people around you will always be perfect. Life is not only black or white, but there are also gray areas. Unrealistic expectations bring great disappointments and put unbearable pressure on people.
If we can assume that all people are wrong in many ways, we may as well realize that it is part of man's existence and begin to relax.

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