How do you train your brain to think positive?

How do you train your brain to think positive

Train your brain to think positive in 3 steps

Here's the 3-step program to stay optimistic and give you every chance to succeed in your life. Program: Brain positive Frequency of application: daily. The time required: 20 to 25 minutes (10 to 15 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes spread throughout the day). Materials needed: a notebook, a pen.

1) Express your gratitude :

Timing: the evening before going to bed. Being grateful is the first step in this optimism training. Think about what you enjoyed in the day. This concerns the events, places, people, ... Write all this down in your notebook with the current date. Do not try to write great literature, keep it simple, let the words flow. Start with "I liked ..." or "Thank you ...". If you fail to be grateful, smile and evoke a fun memory. This will promote the process. This writing exercise will allow you to sleep peacefully and wake up in a positive frame of mind.

2) Become aware of your negative thoughts and evacuate them:

Timing: throughout the day. Just being aware of your negative thoughts will allow you to scare them away. Watch them and ask them to leave your head. If they persist, learn to deride them. They will lose their hold on you. Negative thoughts come from your brain, so you have the power to make them disappear in the same way that they appeared.

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3) Practice positive communication:

Timing: Throughout the day.

A) Banish the negative and definitive terms of your language.

The words you use condition of your morale. Identify negative or definitive terms (such as "always" or "never") and substitute them with their optimistic equivalent ("it happened once"). This step will require a few days of attention but the result is fabulous. It's crazy as our language conditions us! It's up to us to change our habits.

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B) Learn and recite your "slogans".

Do you often say that "happiness is a choice", "you're getting better", "if you want it, you can," "everything's fine" or inspirational quotes like the ones you'll find on the site? As in marketing, these "slogans" will become natural for you. They will change your beliefs and increase your self-esteem. Begin by writing these sentences on a sheet that you will keep on you. Re-read them until you know them by heart. As soon as this is the case, recite them as often as possible. The key is repetition. Do not forget. To convince yourself of the effectiveness of this last step, notice how TV ads and music broadcast on the radio do not leave your thoughts because of the frequency of exposure.
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