10 exercises to be more positive in life

Did you know that people have around 60,000 thoughts a day on average and that those thoughts affect your body? According to the philosophy behind meditation, your body and mind form one whole. When you become aware of this, you understand why meditation has such a beneficial effect on your body and you can learn to be more positive in life.

10 exercises to be more positive in life

10 exercises to be more positive in life

1. Practicing in consciousness

Awareness is like a muscle - the more you train it, the more potent it turns into. With mindfulness and meditation, you can help your consciousness grow. In this way, you slowly discover that you are not your thoughts, but that you can also stand above them to observe them. That breaks through your old thought patterns and brings you to the here and now.

2. Love yourself

A body that you do not love cannot be cured or hardened. If you put yourself down, this affects your health and your life, so love yourself!

3. Face your fears

Negative thoughts or fears can affect your health. Whether you are afraid of failure or responsibility: you will see that it is worth facing your fears.

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4. Give yourself a tech detox

With the advent of the internet, we can now look up everything at any time of the day, watch cat pictures, see obscure documentaries, admire beautiful yoga photos and read the latest newspaper articles and books. But where on the one hand it raises our consciousness, it is something else to scroll thoughtlessly through status updates as the hours fly by without us realizing it. This is often a way to ignore the here and now, and it prevents you from standing above repetitive thoughts. Therefore limit your internet use with an internet detox.

5. Try tai-chi or yoga

After you have reduced your own thoughts and your social media usage, you can fill the time you have left with exercises in silence. Tai-chi and yoga are two very beautiful forms of movement with which you practice this inner silence.

6. Fill your head with positive thoughts

Negative and stressful thoughts can be watered down by reading, listening or looking at positive things. For example, by listening to classical or meditative music, a happy podcast, by reading a self-help book or by being quiet. Research confirms that we can make new connections in our brain if we repeat something regularly, so make positivity a habit.

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7. Surround yourself with positive people

The people with whom you spend the most time can cheer you up or bring you down. Friends can be roughly divided into three different groups: the first group is your best friends, who have a positive influence on you and on which you have a positive influence. A second group is a group that you have a positive influence on, and the last group can have a negative influence on you. Be aware of this and take appropriate distance from people who are almost always negative or who only talk about themselves. Give them love but from an appropriate distance.

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8. Don't be offended quickly

It does not matter how unfair life has treated you: if you feel treated unfairly and remain stuck in thoughts about this injustice, it will have a negative impact on your body. Realize that you can no longer influence what has already happened to you, but that you can influence how you deal with it. That is easier said than done, but it is very liberating not to record personally.

9. Make sure you sleep enough

Compulsive negative thoughts can hold you up all night. Yoga, meditation and downtime before you go to bed help you fall and stay asleep. Make sure you switch off your TV and telephone before you go to sleep, and put a book by your bedside table instead.

10. Feed your brain

Everything you eat affects your body and your thoughts. So make sure that your brain receives enough nutrients to function optimally, such as eggs, organic meat, and sufficient fruit and vegetables.