Does positive thinking prevent diseases? 4 health benefits of optimism!

does positive thinking prevent diseases? 4 health benefits of optimism!

Does positive thinking prevent diseases?

Does positive thinking prevent diseases? In other words, does an optimistic attitude to life promote your health? So: do you live from the idea that the glass is half full? Do you start with the good? Do you see setbacks as soluble challenges? Do you regularly pick small lucky moments? Do you know that perfection does not exist? And so on? There is a good chance that your positive attitude will make you feel better and feel happy, satisfied and vital. The benefits of a positive mindset on your health.

Research into positive thinking and health

Does positive thinking prevent diseases? For many decades, this question has kept the whole numbers of people busy. And it will not surprise you that there are quite a few scientific publications on the effects of positive thinking and getting sick or healing. By the way, not all of them are always unambiguous, but it does appear that a positive and optimistic attitude to life has various health benefits. For example, American psychologist Martin Seligman - founder of positive psychology - writes that your way of thinking influences your health. His studies show, among other things, that optimistic people live longer. The reasons? They are less sensitive to stress and have a better functioning immune system.

4 health benefits of positive thinking

Below you will find an overview of some scientifically substantiated studies that address the theme: prevent positive thinking from diseases. Read about the benefits of being more positive about life.

1. Good heart health

Are you positive and optimistic about life? Then that is good for your heart, according to a long-term American study among 5100 adults between 45 and 84 years old. The adults were followed for 11 years and their data on blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), eating pattern, blood sugar, cholesterol, physical activity, smoking behavior and mental health analyzed. Rosalba Hernandez, professor at the University of Illinois and research leader, states: "The participants with the most optimism have a twice as high chance of good heart health than the pessimistic participants."

2. Better defense

Are you optimistic? Then your defense will also increase. This is apparent from a study published in Pychological Science (2010). The research focused on the relationship between optimism and cell-mediated immunity (CMI) - protection against viral infections. 124 law students were followed during their first study year. They answer questions about optimism and their law studies, optimism in general and health. At the same time, their (CMI) was measured. And what turned out? When optimism increased, the CMI also increased and so did the defense.

3. Fewer depressions

Negative thinking is not good for your health. You have a greater chance of developing depression. The research by psychologist Janna Vrijsen in 2014 at Radboud University in Nijmegen shows. In the same study, she was also the first to make a connection between negative memories, heredity, and depression. For the study, Vrijsen compared 340 people who have experienced one or more depressions with 440 healthy people through extensive questionnaires.

4. Living healthier

Does positive thinking prevent diseases? According to Australian research at Victoria University in Wellington (2013), a positive attitude to life and the feeling of being in control helps you choose healthier. Not only do you eat healthier and exercise more, but you also drink moderately and avoid smoking. Furthermore, the same study shows that women and men have different arguments for a healthy life. Optimistic women do it because they enjoy a healthy lifestyle and positive men live healthier to stay healthy in the future. 'Happiness professor' Prof. Ruut Veenhoven of Erasmus University also comes to a similar conclusion in his 'Healthy Happiness' research. According to him, people who are satisfied and happy often have a healthier way of life.

Does positive thinking prevent diseases?

Above you could read a number of examples about the influence of positive thinking on your health. The examples mentioned show that a positive mindset does have an effect on your health. However, do not stare blindly at it. There are more factors that play a role in getting sick. Also reflect consideration on your genes, what you eat and how much you exercise. But also: how you deal with emotions or whether you regularly take enough rest and the presence of an extensive social network. In short, take good care of yourself and think positively that your health will benefit.
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