How positive thinking helps you with mindfulness

We think all day long, consciously and unconsciously. In fact, we constantly have an internal conversation in our mind with ourselves and we comment on things we think or do ourselves without anyone being able to hear. Consider: how many of those thoughts are positive? Negative thoughts often dominate, while positive thinking is so important for mindfulness.

Critical voice

Negative thoughts greatly influence our sense of well-being and our mood. We are generally much more critical of ourselves than others. We criticize ourselves about how we look, how hard we have worked that day, how we say something and so much more. In addition, we can be tough on ourselves. Hard in a way that you would never say things to others. If you never dare say them to others, why do you say that to yourself?

No one is happy to criticize themselves and think negatively. But how can you dispel those thoughts from your head? That does not go on 1-2-3 unfortunately, it requires some effort. By means of a conscious exercise, you will experience less negative thinking after a while.

Think positive

how positive thinking helps you with mindfulness

A good way to evoke optimism, joy and good mood in yourself is to consciously think positively. When you are completely filled with positive thoughts you automatically start to feel better. Positive thoughts ensure that we want to stay busy and make progress: it makes sense of everything you do.

What is the trick to turn negative thoughts into positivity? Reformulate thoughts. Easier said than accomplished, but give it a try. Try to see the positive in the negative in every situation. That way, your brain will automatically change negative thoughts to positive ones over time.

Be realistic

When you apply this trick you have to be honest with yourself and remain realistic. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and that positive thinking is not the same as every situation so run until you see what you want to see. It doesn't work that way. It is essential that you acknowledge the truth in order to continue. Otherwise, it has the opposite effect. Perfection does not exist, you must first reconcile yourself with that.

Try the exercise when you have time and do not see it as an obligation, then the chance that it works effectively is low. Moving on to the order of the day: the exercise. Record all the negative thoughts that go through your head. Then consciously take the time to contradict this with positive truths. In this way, you step out of the negative spiral and learn to see the positive in the less fun things.


Being aware of the thoughts that you think is an important part of mindfulness. With mindfulness, you are aware of everything you think and do and you also know that your thoughts are only thoughts and not reality. Nothing more, nothing less. That realization makes it easier to go against negativity and learn to listen to your true feelings.

In this way, mindfulness helps to release fears and negative thoughts, which improves mental health. Positive thinking is the key to success!
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