Positive thinking for optimum health - 3 tips for positive thinking

positive thinking for optimum health

Positive thinking is extremely important for optimum health. We humans are constantly concerned with our appearance and various external factors that may influence this. Even when it comes to our health, we often limit ourselves to everything that lies outside ourselves. Sports, our food, work, status, possessions and everything else. What we often overlook because of this is the fact that we ourselves can exert enormous influence on these matters!

Because during all these activities we often simply forget to think about how we feel at that moment. Take the following example; you make a super healthy sandwich, and then quickly stuff it in while you work on the umpteenth deadline. Because of this you completely forgot to enjoy your sandwich, in fact; you focused almost exclusively on the deadline and the associated stress.

Eventually, you can end up in a downward spiral, no matter how good your intentions are. Your actions may be called 'healthy', but your thoughts are not. While you perform positive actions, you actually get stuck in negative thoughts. To come to the conclusion after a while that you are actually very tired, have arrived and also have poor sleep. Despite all external 'measures' such as healthy food!

3 tips for positive thinking

1. Health comes from within

Fortunately, in recent years there has been increasing attention to the fact that health is primarily an inner process. Everyone knows the statement 'what you think, you are that'. What this actually means is that your thoughts are an extremely important factor in achieving optimum health.

Positive thoughts contribute to a general feeling of well-being. Positive thoughts also facilitate a sense of wealth and happiness. On the other hand, negative thought patterns can get you stuck in a vicious circle.

2. Positive thinking to achieve your goals

Take the following example. Two runners are asked to participate in a half marathon. One of the runners is repeatedly told that she is already very far in her training and that she is ready. Also, someone immediately offers to be her sponsor and to assist her during the ride. The opposite is reported to the other runner.

Her coach indicates that she actually still has to train and a half marathon is too heavy at the moment. He also believes that she must certainly still lose 2.5 kilos. There is no sponsor since she has little chance of success so that would not be representative of the company.

What happens next: the first runner is excited about her chances from day 1 and sees herself crossing the finish line laughing. She doesn't really have a reason to fail, people believe in her and so in herself. However, the second runner is rather depressed and does not think she is good enough. So she also decides to drop out at the last minute; why would you participate in something that you cannot achieve ...

3. Positive thinking and think healthy!

The example above briefly outlines how your own thoughts can influence your performance. This also applies to your health. If you believe that your health will improve by performing certain actions, this will most likely happen. However, if you start a training schedule without this general belief in yourself, then the chance of failure is greater. You see yourself not (yet) successful.

One reason that diets often do not work is the simple fact that people who follow the diet do not really believe in it. While success is often based on a deep-rooted belief in yourself.

So do you want to live a healthier life? Then try to pay attention to your thought patterns for a while. What do you think about yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you see yourself being healthy? When you consciously train yourself in visualizing positive performance, they will come to you automatically. Think of it as mental training and then be able to train physically.
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