Tips to Have Positive Thoughts and Control Anxiety!

tips to have positive thoughts and control anxiety

How to maintain Positive Thoughts?

One of the most frequent questions that come to us, is, How to maintain Positive Thoughts? apparently, it is something impossible to achieve, some say, even more, who suffers from Anxiety Disorders, however, it is important that you understand that the problem is in your mind if as you are reading, your mind is the one that refuses to think positively And does you know why?

1- Because it is better to tell yourself that you can not think positively and leave your comfort zone.

2- Because you simply do not want to take responsibility for your thoughts, it is better to settle for continuing to think negatively than to adopt an attitude of change, even if what you think of yourself.

3- Because you do not want to take responsibility for your life, and believe me I do not blame you, more when your unconscious mind has stored images of difficult situations in your life, even if you did not provoke them, so every time your unconscious mind lives a moment no matter how similar it sounds, it will sound an alarm that triggers those stored images that cause your mind to panic, fear and consequently increase the  symptoms of anxiety, therefore you do not want to bother your mind and you prefer to do the of the fat sight, as this is not with me.

4- because you have learned that being happy depends on third parties, material things, life is difficult, because yes, life is complicated sometimes and if you have or maintain a positive attitude regardless of the circumstance, believe me, you can be happy and free of anxiety.

what can I do to achieve positive thinking?

Below you will find useful tips that if you put them into practice from now, you can change the vibration of the things that surround you, that is, the results in life.

Let's start :

1- Positive thoughts are loaded with less feeling, that is, they do not have a strong emotion, curious truth, look at what the human being is in general, it is easier for a negative thought to impact your life than a positive one and you know why? Why do you give more importance to that negative thought or situation than to a positive one, or do you receive praise, thanks, or something similar, as if it were not with you? to counteract this attitude that very possibly you have had for a long time, from this moment you start to have emotions associated with positive thoughts and in this way you will begin to balance your thoughts until you succeed in tilting the balance being stronger than the positive thoughts.

2- Be aware of your thoughts, that is, relax your mind and smile when you realize that you fell into a spiral of negative thoughts, by doing this you are removing your mind from negative thinking.

3- Do things that make you happy, avoid giving your mind space to the negative, read motivation and growth books, laugh out loud whether it is about yourself, dance, etc.

4- Learn to express yourself positively about yourself and all the things and people around you, no negative words in your vocabulary.

5- Pay close attention to the good things in your life, even if it is one, infinitely grateful for being part of this wonderful world (do it twice a day, morning and night), avoid being on the lookout for the symptoms that cause anxiety.

If your mind continues to value the problem it is to say your anxiety and with it the symptoms, and not, that if there is a solution and if you can control anxiety, you will go to a lot of trouble to try to get out of there, instead of your mind (that you are yourself) realize a change no matter how small, you will realize that if you can do it and therefore your confidence will increase so you will be ready to get out of the problem and control anxiety .
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