15 tips to love yourself

It is difficult to properly state how important it is to love yourself.

Loving yourself is the idea of a happy and tremendous life.

I have experienced this myself in recent years from the moment I started to love myself. Because I also wish you a happy and positive life, I would like to share my path and useful tips with you.

And the great thing is, you don't have to do anything special for it, you can just start right away. Simply NOW!

Now is the right time to start loving yourself.

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Look in the mirror and really see who is standing there. Look closely into your eyes, gauge the depth of your soul. You are a lot greater than just your physical look.

Accept the defects, the fact that you are not perfect and accept the love that you are. Nobody is perfect in this world and nobody will ever be. It's okay not to be perfect. Stop criticizing yourself about every little detail. It is a waste of time and energy to keep knocking yourself down. It only produces more negativity.

Focus on the good things in your life, your positive qualities and the physical characteristics that you are happy with. Build a foundation of positivity.

People always see what you see in you. So focus on the good and the beautiful. That is what you ultimately radiate to the world. That is the 'picture' that others see.

Loving yourself is the basis, only then can you get started with developing relationships with others. Many people look for a relationship to fill the void within themselves. Another can only complete, never 'fill'. Building and maintaining a good relationship with yourself is difficult, but crucial, because: lifelong!

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If you have little self-confidence, have a negative self-image and/or have little self-esteem, then you probably lack sufficient self-love. Your mind can be so clouded with sabotaging thoughts that loving yourself is no longer a matter of course.

As has been written before: what you focus on that grows. If you do not love yourself, you are actually telling the universe that you are not worthy to love. That is what you broadcast.

All your negative thoughts about yourself are doing their very best to manifest!

And that is the good news immediately; You can also reverse that process with the opposite as a result! Loving yourself immediately means more love in your life!

Only when you are aware that you lack sufficient self-love, you can only make the choice to actively work on this.

You are worth as much as everyone else. Not more, but certainly not less! So immediately stop classifying yourself as a mid-engine and allow yourself the place in the bright sun that you deserve.

Just think of a flower, it must first have water to grow. Learn to cherish yourself in every way.

But how do you do that?

How do you boost your self-esteem?

And how do you actually love yourself?

Below are some that have proven to be very useful to me, and that I think will also be supportive for you:

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15 tips to love yourself

15 tips to love yourself:

  • Look within the reflect and fall in love with yourself.

Tell your reflection on how amazing you are. Say out loud what your beautiful and good qualities are. Yes, everyone has a lot of it! Accept your shortcomings. Learn from your mistakes, but don't let them follow you.

  • Eliminate self-criticism 

Do you often turn yourself upside down for the smallest things? Is there a small voice in your head that often tells you that you are not good enough because you are stupid, etc.? If you often criticize yourself, take action to change this. Bend it in a positive way. If you have made a mistake, say for example: "Amit, that was not smart of you, but it is good that you have taken action and you have learned from this again".

  • Be friendly and positive 

My entire personal development and building more self-confidence has begun to learn to think positively. 
Your love for yourself grows when you start being kind to yourself and think positively about yourself. The appreciation for yourself will then grow increasingly.
Make it a habit to regularly give yourself a pat on the back. Kindness is the lubricant of society. Always be friendly.

Even for those who seem to earn the least, those are the people who need it the most.

  • Recognize your effort. 

It's not about winning or being successful in everything you do. How about the effort you make? Recognize that you have done your best even if the result is not what you expected. It is not only the result that counts, but also the way to it matter.
Tip: Do not have any expectations: it is great to have a goal or outcome in mind. But leave room for the process. The outcome is often different than you expect, but certainly not always 'less', just different. Leave that 'room for maneuver' free and you will be disappointed much less often.

  • Let go of your worries  

Do you want to move forward in life?
Then stop worrying about the past and/or worry about the future. It brings nothing new and creates unnecessary noise on new, fresh ideas.

It is horrible to live your life while constantly worrying about what could happen. What you focus on that grows. The negative energy that you spread is huge!
Instead of worrying, you should pay attention to everything that goes well. Think in solutions instead of disaster scenarios. If you can't figure it out, leave it to the universe. Things will go the way they were meant to be and trust that everything will be fine in the end.
There is only one certainty in life, and that is that nothing remains as it is. Everything is constantly changing. If things go well, we want it to stay that way, but that is not the case. So grab the moment when it's there. Enjoy the moment it is there. Live in the NOW. It happens there.
If things are not going well, then know that this will also come to an end. This is not the rest of your life, it's only NOW. So don't worry too much, let it happen, let it pass.

  • Trust yourself 

Have faith in yourself. Know that it is possible to change things on your own. Visualize what you want in your life. Focus on the feeling that you get. That is the feeling with which you shape your life.
If you always have the feeling that you have to prove something to someone else (that you are good enough, that you are nice enough, that you are nice enough, or whatever), then you are actually convincing yourself.
Believe in yourself, trust in yourself and you will never have to prove yourself to anyone again.

  • Forgive yourself 

You may have made "mistakes" in the past. Errors you hold against yourself and still carry with you. With that, you do yourself a shortage. It can make you feel 'inferior' to others. Not necessary.
Forgive yourself! Everyone makes mistakes, that is completely human. Apologize if necessary, cherish the experience as a lesson in life and continue your life. Appreciate the people who love you. Help those who need you. Forgive everyone who has hurt you. Forget the people who left you.

  • Be honest to yourself 

What is the secret of a healthy, long relationship? Whether it's a friendship, love relationship, business relationship, it doesn't matter: be honest, always, everywhere and about everything. That does not mean that you always have to share everything with everyone, it does mean that what you do and say is honest and true.
Sincerely loving yourself means looking honestly at your feelings.
Are you satisfied, acknowledge the joy. Are you sad, acknowledge the sadness? Look sincerely at your feelings. Don't lie to yourself. They can all be there. Joy and sadness, anger and love, fear and optimism all have a right to exist. Do not bury your negative feelings either. If you acknowledge what you feel, that is pure recognition of yourself. Your feelings translate your thoughts, let them be your guide.
You do have an influence on your thoughts. If you are trapped in negative feelings, investigate your thoughts. Is it true what they tell you? Can you substitute other, more positive, and more loving thoughts for it?

  • Use positive affirmations every day.

You are absolutely fine as you are at the moment. Every day you become a better version of yourself, simply because every day brings new experiences that you learn from and that make you more and more complete people. No one is or will ever be perfect.
If you want to change something about yourself, then change the thought: "I am not good enough" to "I am good enough the way I am". Make it a nice reminder and stick it on your bathroom mirror, nice affirmation to start the day with. A positive affirmation works wonders. Try it.

  • Relax

Especially when you are very busy, there is a lot on your plate, the responsibilities weigh heavily on your shoulders, then it is important that you pay attention to your relaxation.

The only way to cope with tensions is to relax on time. Allow yourself the space to take breaks.
Pauses make your active moments more productive. Your body and mind need recovery moments. Pay attention to your health. Taking good care of your body is also loving yourself. And if you love yourself, it will take no effort to take good care of your body. Fill your time with peace, quiet, soothing music or take a walk in nature and enjoy the beauty of it.

If you do not relax, the tension builds up disproportionately, with all its consequences. Your body will really protest. Make sure you have a good balance and you can move mountains. Really. Relaxing is not a luxury, but necessary.

  • Have fun

Do you enjoy making others happy and are you happy only when the people you love are happy? In any case, start by making sure that you are happy yourself. If you are happy you are an example to others and a pleasure to deal with.
Make your own happiness a priority and the rest will follow. Inject some fun into your life. Life is meant to have fun.

Do not always take life and yourself so seriously (you will not survive!). If you can think about the life that way, you will automatically relax and stop worrying and/or worry about things that don't matter or that you can't change. Laughter and pleasure are basic conditions for a happy and healthy life.

  • Care for your body 

It is important that you strengthen yourself with the right food, rest and sufficient exercise. Your body is your temple, your vehicle through life, and it is your duty to treat it with respect, love, and care. Your body has to last your entire life and you cannot replace it. Research has shown that lack of self-love is often a cause of disorders such as eating disorders, obesity, addictions, depression, etc.

“Take care of your body. It's the only place in which you have to stay. " 
Jim Rohn

  • Learn to see beauty 

When you learn to see the beauty in everything, you also see the beauty in yourself. Enjoy the birdsong. Just stop when you see young ducks, smell a flower, enjoy the setting sun and the beautiful shades of it in the sky. Force yourself to really look, instead of running from one to the other in your mind. Take the time to look around and experience with all your senses.

  • Love is not a feeling but a choice 

Just make the choice to love yourself. You are worth it. You do not have to meet all kinds of conditions first. You are good enough as you are, no one can be better 'you' than yourself. The more you love yourself, the easier it will be for you to open your heart to other people in your life. Make that choice to love yourself.

  • Find something that you like about yourself and make it known to yourself 

To increase your self-confidence, you can develop a skill or talent that you master well and share it with the world.

To improve your self-image, you can search for those character traits that you like about yourself and put them more actively in the foreground.

To increase your self-esteem, you immediately stop comparing yourself with others. From now on you are loving and understanding towards yourself, just as you would be for your child or dearest friend.

Realize that self-love comes from yourself and no one else. If you wait for the love of a man or a friend to prove to yourself that you are worth it, you will not get the love you need. The person who can give you the most love is YOURSELF! It is like a dead-end when you wait for someone else to do it for you. So take the step NOW to love yourself.

Ask yourself: 'what do I need now? And meet these needs without feeling guilty. If you need it, it's okay.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if there are people who will bring you down and who will hurt you and/or have hurt you, it will say more about the person doing that than about you as a person. Never let your self-esteem depend on the opinion of other people. That is just an opinion based on an incomplete picture of you.

It is never, but never too late, to love yourself.

Whatever your past is, no matter what your circumstances are. Your future is yours. If you now choose to accept yourself as you are and to unconditionally love all your talents, your peculiarities, your unique outer characteristics and all the love you have to give. Then you write a very beautiful, loving future for yourself.

Happiness means loving yourself and worrying less about the appreciation of others.

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