Positive Thinking Tips To Become Attractive

Positive Thinking Tips To Become Attractive

Do you know that we have around 60,000 thoughts during a day? Those thoughts determine how we experience our lives. In this article, you will find a number of positive thinking tips that can help you on your way to become happier, so that you are seen by others as a pleasant company.

Just read " Positive thinking and happiness ". In this article an exercise in positive thinking.

But back to all those thoughts. They determine how we think about ourselves. If they are negative, you can be unsure of this, if they are positive, you will gain self-confidence.

Positive thinking tips and what it yields

Watch what you say to yourself during the day. You will be surprised by what they tell you. And you also tell those thoughts to someone else. Imagine your partner or the man or woman with whom your date is late for an appointment. If you think negatively, you will say: "You are late" or "Couldn't you come earlier?" If you think positively, you will say "Thank you for being here" or "Thank you for being able to be here".

Do you see the difference? And can you imagine that this makes a very different impression on the other?

Fortunately, we have the ability to change our mind and thus the direction of our lives.

Learning to listen to your thoughts gives you the opportunity to change your life from a single existence to a life together with a partner.

The thoughts in your head show how you feel about yourself and others.

Positive thinking exercise

Keep a thought diary and spend a few moments in the day to become aware of your thoughts. You can use everything for this. A voice recorder (mobile phones often have one), your laptop, notepads, etc.

Now go through the following 4 steps:

1. Three times a day you take a moment and write down the thoughts that go through your head at that moment. It doesn't matter how weird those thoughts are. Write them down.

2. Write down your thoughts in different situations. In traffic jams or public transportation, while waiting for the coffee to be ready, just before you have a date, before you go to sleep, after work, etc. Write them down. This will help you understand how you are structured and discover patterns in your thoughts in different situations. You will also see similarities and differences.

See if you can discover recurring themes that determine how you feel about yourself and others.

3. Don't change anything! You will learn little unless you write down the exact words you think. By writing down the words that make you angry, judge or demand, you will gain insight into what is really going on in your head. Then you can begin to say goodbye to it and replace it with thoughts that will better support you.

4. Remember the following: not all your thoughts are bad or annoying or otherwise negative. You will also discover fun things about yourself.

More positive thinking tips

Do you want to learn more about positive thinking? You can find many more positive thinking tips here:

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For example, you have positive thinking tips in abundance, so that your relationship (s) will get a positive turn or become even better.

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